Raw Material

The leather and structural elements

The Leather

Leather for Crivellari is a choice of style and the quality emblem that distinguishes their creations. It is a valuable and traditional material, long-lasting and improves its beauty over the years. Only top quality leather is used, from European cattle and tanned on Italian territory.

The company uses warm, soft, natural, very pleasant to the touch and snug to sit on leathers, which adapt to the environment and body temperatures. The leathers are processed, highlighting the best features of the original skins: imperfections, grain differences, veins, variations in color shades, hallmarks of authenticity and naturalness, and for Crivellari represent the value of this precious material.


Crivellari combines tradition and innovation, using high quality components historically used for the production of upholstered furniture, but assembling them in an innovative way, combining convenience and design, comfort and style.
All materials are registered for a guaranteed and traceable production, with great care for the environment.
The common denominator of all Crivellari production is the rigid base for the seat cushions; the structure is made of solid wood combined with high quality plywood, free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and formaldehydes.

For the upholstery polyurethane foam in various densities and a down coating, divided into segments, are used so it looks soft and comfortable, offering greater comfort and perfect ergonomic design. A lot of attention is paid to the seat cushions: high strength springs are placed inside, in turn covered by polyurethane, and down in the outer layer to make the seat extremely comfortable yet supportable, allowing you to fully enjoy the sofa and guaranteeing its durability.

The Leather

The severe selection carried out favors skins able to maintain their natural features constant in time, further improved by the successive stages of processing such as tanning, dyeing and finishing. Products used in these processes do not contain substances that are harmful to one’s health and to the environment.

Before tanning, the leather is cut horizontally; this operation results in two layers, the inner less valuable, the crust, the upper, the full grain, and the noblest, which has the ability to keep its natural characteristics intact over time.