Sofa Bed

customizable design


Innovation, simplicity, safety and cost reduction are the Crivellari Company’s objectives for developing and improving its products.

Innovative Fabric

The first outdoor fabric that is IMO certified and complies with the regulations regarding fireproof material; It is also available in a wide range of colors and patterns. By mixing patterns and colors we can customize our customers’ furniture and outdoor environments. See some examples of Palette.

New Sofa Bed

Our latest sofas are designed to solve the requirements of the hospitality industry: durability and space optimization as well as customizable design.
Our structures are extremely durable and easily operated by any individual.
The Crivellari Company has developed additional space-saving devices which can be utilized in small settings.
All sofas are very comfortable and modifyable according to customers’ design. We utilize high quality material which guarantees the durability of our products.

Space optimization