Crivellari Philosophy "Made in Italy"


The Crivellari Company is focused on satisfying customer’s requests and needs.
Our goal is achieved through the creation of products meeting our customers’ design and their standards of comfort. The Crivellari Company can adapt its products to individual customers’ requirements, thanks to the flexible manufacturing capabilities of its qualified personnel and the use of high quality material.
We assist our customers from the design phase to the creation of new products by utilizing the most suitable solution for the desired setting.

he Crivellari Company is constantly looking for innovations and solutions which are going to ensure product durability and safety . In this way a substantial reduction in operation and maintenance costs is achieved without sacrificing design quality and Italian craftsmanship.

In recent years, we became aware of the importance of sustainability and of environmental and social issues. As a consequence, our new objectives have become the following:
1 ) to reduce the environmental impact on the environment through the use of renewable energies, thus achieving the energy efficiency class A;
2) a reduction of the environmental supply costs (by using material of Italian origin and / or from the European Union);
3) the development of “environmental-friendly” products.
As a consequence, we achieved growth and innovation while consolidating the quality of our products with the utmost respect for the environment.